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Fitness New Years Resolution


Many people decide to make a fitness New Year’s resolution. Whether it is to lose weight, tone, or gain muscle it can be done, but success comes with planning. Here are some ways to help stay motivated all throughout the year without fizzling out by the end of January.
1) Break your goal into achievable benchmarks.
Don’t expect to lose 20 pounds in one month. Set realistic short-term goals and an achievable long-term goal.
2) Schedule check-ins.
Plan one day per month where you weigh yourself, take a good look at your diet, look back at your total workout days from the previous month, and plan to adjust your diet or exercise routine if necessary for the following month.
3) Don’t let failure stop you.
No one is perfect. You diet and exercise routine will not be perfect every single day. Don’t dread the past and plan for the future with an organized diet and exercise routine. Plus it is ok to be human and have a little cheat every once in awhile.
4) Measure everything.
There are so many helpful apps out there now to help you reach your goals. These apps, like MyFitnessPal for example, allow you to log the exact amount that you eat so you can determine exactly how many calories you are consuming.

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What is Tabata training?


The basic structure of Tabata training looks like this:
Perform 20 seconds of intense exercise and then rest for 10 seconds. repeat this 8 times, so that you are working solid for 4 minutes. At this point you can, and should, rest for a minute. Ultimately, you are going to keep repeating this pattern for a total of 20 minutes.
You can apply Tabata training to just about any training method. For example, a strength training program can be modified so that you simply perform as many reps as possible within 20 second bursts. Although, you can also create a cardio or plyometric based Tabata workout as well.
Due to the high level of intensity and the short rest periods, Tabata training is extrememly challenging. Tabata training is not for beginners and is made for those with an experienced fitness level. To those who can handle Tabata’s high intensity, Tabata workouts burn an average of 15 calories per minute. That means that the average burn is about 300 calories for a 20 minute Tabata workout. As seen with these statistics, Tabata has the potential to help you make rapid progress towards your fitness goals. Try out a Tabata workout with one of our personal trainers for a free fitness orientation at Brenda Athletic Clubs.

Nutrient-Rich Springtime Fruits and Vegetables

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Adding less common and often underused fruits and vegetables to your diet can significantly bump your nutritional intake.

1) Kohlrabi: Try steaming or roasting kohlrabi or bake thin slices as ships for a serious vitamin C and fiber boost.
2) Cherries: Cherries also add vitamin C, as well as anti-oxidant beta-carotene.
3) Mango: Mango is a solid source of vitamin E, which studies have shown is linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
3) Asparagus: Asparagus will add folate, which can help combat heart disease and reduce osteoporosis.
4) Fennel: Fennel has a delicate licorice taste that will add vitamin C, potassium, and fiber to your diet.


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Carbohydrates: Don’t hate the carbs

Many people think that carbs should be minimal in the diet and should be avoided at all cost when trying to lose weight. The truth is that there are good carbs and bad carbs which will either help aide in your weight loss or hinder your weight loss.
We can reap the health benefits of good carbs by choosing carbohydrates full of fiber. These carbs that get absorbed slowly into our systems, avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels. Examples: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans.

We can minimize the health risk of bad carbs by eating fewer refined and processed carbohydrates that strip away beneficial fiber. Examples: white bread and white rice.
Good carbs include plant foods that deliver fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals along with grams of carbohydrate, such as whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. You can’t judge a carb as “good” without considering its fiber content (unless it’s a naturally low-fiber food like skim or low-fat milk).
So make sure not to rob yourself of good carbs because they are essential in the diet and avoiding them will cause malnutrition and weight retention. However, like any food substance, carbohydrates should be consumed in moderation and excess carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. In summary, carbohydrates are important to the body because they provide energy and important phytochemicals to the body.

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Get Fit… The New Year’s Resolution!


Getting fit is often the #1 New Year’s resolution! Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, start eating healthier, or all of the above, a personal trainer is your best chance of success. On average, a New Year’s resolution of attending the gym regularly only lasts about 3 weeks before quitting and giving up. A personal trainer with keep you motivated and keep you accountable to come to the gym regularly to reach your fitness goals! Our personal trainers will give you healthy diet information and of course give you a great work out. Contact us today to get more information on our personal training programs and to receive a free fitness orientation!

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Healthy Holiday Eating

family-eating-christmas-dinner (1)1) Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays, instead try to maintain your current weight.
2) Plan time for exercise.
3) Don’t skip meals.
4) Choose your favorite foods and skip your least favorite. Include vegetables and fruits to keep your plate balanced.
5) Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed.
6) If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation to avoid the excess empty calories.
7) If you overeat at one meal go light on the next.
8) Bring your own healthy dish to a holiday gathering.

Happy Holidays from Brenda Athletic Clubs!

#1 Fitness Myth for WOMEN: Women who Strength Train will bulk up


#1 Fitness Myth for WOMEN: Women who Strength Train will bulk up.

Truth: While on a weight lifting program, the right hormones (testosterone) are necessary in order to bulk up. Women’s testosterone levels are much lower than mens, so in most cases, they are not capable of building large muscles. In fact, since muscle takes up less room than fat, women tend to lose inches when they strength train. So in addition to the physical benefits (increased metabolism, decreased risk of osteoporosis, increased strength), strength training will help you slim down too!

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